Do I Lift Weights Too Much?

lift weights too much

Have you ever considered if you lift weights too much, if so you are not alone. For people put a lot of effort into eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep – clearly their body and health is very important to them, as it should be. How exactly do we know how often we should train though and even if weight training is the best option? It is imperative to give yourself rest days but also cycle through your workout regimen, like focusing on weight/body weight training, cardio, rest, yoga, etc.  We don’t recommend that you lift weights for hours on end every day, day in and day out. This could potentially be harmful!  You will cause yourself to burn out which is in the opposite direction of where you are trying to go.

The Reasons

It’s always a good idea to use the certified fitness trainer or profession at the gym as many times as your gym membership allows, because he or she can oversee your lifting program and make sure that you are doing it correctly and not hurting yourself with too much weight. It would be a downer to get excited about starting a program only to have to stop to heal from an injury caused by improper form or overuse through misunderstanding.

Starting Out Lifting Weights

When you are just starting to lift weights and condition your torso, repetition is the key; not amount. When you are beginning to lift weights for the first time it’s best to train each muscle group 2 times per week. Those muscle groups are the biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, traps, lats, and of course, the abs. Check in with your fitness trainer at the very beginning for his or her advice on what exercises should be worked, for what muscle groups each day.

Check Your Form

After you’ve gotten into the swing of things, make sure to check in with the trainer, so they can look over your lifting form and maybe suggest improvements to your style. That way, in a shorter period than imagined you will have that beach body you’ve always wanted!

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