What You Need to Know About 5 Hour Energy Shot

5 Hour Energy Shot or Rockstar


Oh the beloved 5 Hour Energy shot, or not so beloved? There is no shame in needing a little pick me up to get you through your day, perhaps you are stressed, mentally drained, or just plain didn’t get enough sleep. Some people choose to drink coffee, while others choose tea – there is a vast majority of people who choose to consume energy drinks. This includes Monster, Rockstar, and of course, 5-Hour Energy. Now comes the question of whether or not regular consumption of the energy drinks, specifically the 5-Hour shot, are dangerous or not.

Take Caution

What makes the 5-Hour energy shot dangerous is when the directions are not followed properly. They do contain a large amount of caffeine and caffeine is known to increase heart rate as well as make people feel jittery and lightheaded at times. While drinks like soda and coffee have caffeine as well – what we are asking in this article is how much caffeine is too much? Some people can go a day with one coffee and one 5-Hour shot and be good to go. Then there are other individuals who will down 4 to 5 energy drinks in one sitting and think that is okay – it’s not. It can be very dangerous and affect your health.

Too Many Goods Things?

To date there have been no direct deaths directly linked to the 5-Hour energy shot.  Energy drinks not only contain high levels of caffeine, they also offer a list of ingredients that may cause more harm than good if too much is ingested. Such as high levels of vitamins, amino acids, aspartame etc. which are typically exceed the suggested intake amount for an entire day. You can do the math – sometimes, too much of a good thing, just isn’t good at all.

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