Foods that Help You Build Muscle

healthy foods to build muscleInexpensive, easy to pack, low impact. There are several foods that are known to naturally help you gain lean body muscle which are all rather inexpensive, easy to pack and are considered to be low impact. Low impact foods are both great for your body, as well as the planet! Eating a low impact diet can still be rather delicious and more importantly, will help maintain your health level. Below you will find the top ten foods that will help you build that lean muscle mass that you are looking for and also provide you with enough energy to get you through your day, and grueling workouts.


Top 10 Foods to Build Muscle

* Quinoa

* Spinach

* Oranges

* Cantaloupe

* Cottage Cheese (organic)

* Beets

* Brown Rice

* Beef (grass fed cows only)

* Eggs

* Greek Yogurt

There are several other foods as well but this list right here is a great start. All items are relatively inexpensive, and offer such amazing benefits. You will notice that there is something from every color of the rainbow. This is a great thing to keep in mind and an easy way to remember to eat all of the vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy balance in your body.

Executing Your Nutritional Needs

All of these listed foods are ready to eat or require minimal prep time – an idea to consider, is to set aside a day during the week where you have a little free time and do some meal prep. You can portion your food items/snacks for the week, making it easy to grab and go. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a painful and will work wonders (that you will see) if you just make minor adjustments to how you approach eating. Eating healthy food doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars weekly – be smart and absorb all the information you can to create awesome meals that you will want more of.


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