Counting Calories Really Does Matter

Counting CaloriesThere is always skepticism surrounding the topic of weight loss and calories. What exactly are calories? We can’t really see them and they certainly do not have a taste. However each of us does notice when all of a sudden our clothes become snug and begin to gain weight. This brings us to why counting calories is important.  How many calories should we be consuming? This is difficult to answer due to the fact that every person is different, as is their body chemistry, metabolism, exercise schedule, etc.

Know What You Are Consuming

When it comes to counting calories, there is a ‘set’ amount or average people should be consuming on a daily basis. Most would be shocked to see how many calories they consumed each day. Many have absolutely no idea how many calories something has in it, and this is where it becomes dangerous. Nine times out of ten, people over eat by thousands of calories daily; this leads to obesity, heart and health problems, lack of energy and more. Counting calories means to stay within a range and should be more conducted for portion control. This comes with awareness though, the more people are aware of what they are consuming, they may be able to scale back to a healthier amount and start integrating exercise.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Diet (not in the sense of just eating rabbit food) but maintain a healthy caloric intake in combination with exercise (could be walking 10,000 steps daily) is a great combination to ensure that you improve cardiovascular health, as well as keep excess weight off.

These two, proper exercise regimen and counting calories is the recipe for success in maintaining great health.

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